The method I use to achieve permanent hair removal is a combination of Thermolysis (AC Current) and Electrolysis (DC current).

These methods can be applied independently; however, the currents used together and performed correctly provides the best results with little regrowth.

All over our bodies, hair grows similarly with slight variations – Growth, Detach and Shedding. The body is in this constant mode. The hair needs to be in a Growth stage for the best possible treatment and since it comes in cycles; a series of appointments will be needed.

Please, do not pluck when you start treatment as that one hair takes as least six weeks to regrow. Also, you do not need to have hair grown out long to treat. Only a small amount out is needed.

As you see, there are many variables here, including consistency with my client at the appropriate treatment times in the growth cycles to achieve permanent hair removal as quickly and conveniently as possible for you.

Remember, everyone is unique in their hair Growth cycles, and it will be my job to know how to space your treatments.


Days are Tuesdays thru Saturdays